Letter from the Opposition

by Laurence on 3/28/2005

The Moscow Times ran this interesting personal account by Nazgul Sopieva:

Everything began with my uncle, Ramazan Dyryldaev, now a well-known opposition leader who has been granted political asylum in Austria. In the past, he was a highly visible official in the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry. When the parliament was disbanded in reaction to a perceived threat to Akayev’s regime, he was conducting an investigation into the notorious gold affair, when gold was stolen as corruption ran rampant at several gold processing plants. It turned out that many high-ranking officials apparently were involved, including several members of Akayev’s family.

My uncle was offered the job of interior minister if he would keep from the public what he had discovered. However, he refused to keep quiet, and at that moment our family lost its legal rights. That was how I became part of the opposition while still a little girl.

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