Kulov: Back to Jail, or Next President?

by Laurence on 3/31/2005

Thinsg are so confusing since Kulov’s surprise resignation, it looks like it could go either way in Bishkek, according to Vremya Novostei’s Arkady Dubnov, in Ferghana.ru

Order in the capital of Kyrgyzstan restored, Kulov has to keep his promise to return to jail now. Lawmakers asked him not to do it, however, because it could lead to another rebellion that would necessitate another extrication of the “people’s general” from behind the bars. Deputies suggested that they would speed up the process of his political and legal rehabilitation.

In other words, Kulov is a private citizen again. He is meeting with Andrei Kokoshin, Chairman of the CIS Committee of the Russian Duma, later today, in the capacity of the leader of Ar-Namys [Dignity]. According to what information this newspaper has compiled, the initiative belongs to the Russian lawmaker. No longer responsible for actions of the new powers-that-be, Kulov finds himself in a convenient position for launching his presidential campaign.

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