A new State Committee in Uzbekistan

by Student on 5/3/2005

According to UzReport.com a new committee has been created by the President of Uzbekistan:

“President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov ordered to form the State Committee on Demonopolisation, Competition and Entrepreneurship Support on 2 May.

The decree of the Uzbek head said that the move directed to speed up development of private sector, strengthen control over activity of natural monopolies, implementation of measures on reorganisation of bankrupt enterprises and monopoly companies and formation of competitive environment.”

New committee will be created on the base of the State Committee on Demonopolisation, Competition and Entrepreneurship Support, Committee on insolvent enterprises under Economy Ministry and department on support of small and private Entrepreneurship under State Committee on Property and Entrepreneurship Support.

The main tasks and directions of the Committee’s activity set creation of conditions to speed up development of private sector and protection rights and interests of private entrepreneurs

The committee was also entrusted to analyse financial-economic state and competitiveness of enterprises, develop and implement measures in demonopolisation and others. It will also develop and realise programmes on restructure of natural monopolies.

New committee will represent interests of the government on issues of insolvent enterprises and carry out functions of state regulator on restructuring and bankruptcy of enterprises.

Among function of new body are protection of consumers’ rights and control of advertisement market from unfair advertisements.

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