IMU’s Yuldash Revives Jihad Call

by Laurence on 5/3/2005

Kasharnet reports:

ASADABAD, May 03 (SANA): A senior al-Qaeda figure and Uzbekistan Islamic Movement (Jundullah) leader Qari Tahir Jan Yuldash has renewed his vow to continue jihad against American forces in Afghanistan.

In a videotape, made available to Pajhwok Afghan News, Tahir Yuldash said Taliban supremo Mullah Omar was still ‘Amirul Momineen’ (leader of the faithful). Speaking fluent Dari almost for an hour, he ruled out a halt to the jihad against Americans and the Karzai government. “Under the leadership of Mullah Omar, we will fight on against the Americans and their puppets.”

The story concludes that Yuldash remains defiantly ensconced in Waziristan: “America too would disintegrate like the erstwhile Soviet Union, he predicted, concluding Mullah Omar had demonstrated adherence to Islamic teachings and Afghan values by refusing point-blank to expel al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden from Afghanistan. “

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