More on Tashkent Protests

by Laurence on 5/3/2005 · 1 comment

From BBC News:

Nearly all were women with small children, a safety measure against being taken away by the plain-clothes agents who stood ready.

At one point security men did move in, but the women screamed and beat them back.

From across the street, US guards in helmets and flak jackets watched.

Security has been tight since a suicide bomber blew himself up at this spot last year.

The numbers of demonstrators was small, but this is an important rally.

The protestors are demanding justice from the government which they say unfairly took possession of their profitable farm, rendering them destitute.

This is a major issue in Uzbekistan, a country of farmers, and it is far more compelling for many of the public than abstract concepts like democracy.

In March, 500 angry farmers took over a police station and burned two police cars in a similar protest.

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