South Korean President’s visit to Uzbekistan

by Student on 5/5/2005


It was announced on Wednesday that South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun plans to visit Uzbekistan on May 10 to 12, accompanied by 54 businessmen.

In most cases, leaders of large enterprises accompany the president on his visits to foreign countries. This time, however, a number of businessmen working in small- and medium- sized enterprises (SME) will accompany the president.

Of the 54 businessmen, 42 are presidents of SMEs and members of SME associations.

This is because many SME businessmen have great interest in Uzbekistan, which has a population of 26 million (the largest in the Central Asia), as is a huge potential consumer market.

The businessmen who will make the trip include Chairman Kim Yong-gu of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, Chairman Park Yong-sung of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman Kang Shin-ho of the Federation of Korean Industries, and Chairman Kim Jae-chul of the Korea International Trade Association.

Among SME businessmen who will attend are President Kim Yun-shik of Shingdong Enercom Inc., President Park Su-bok of Daelyuk Plating Co., President Cho Wook-whan of Samwoo Heavy Industry, President Kim Ick-whan of Woojin Selex Co., and President Lee Jeom-yong of Little Toys Co.

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