HRW Urges God to Make Sky Blue, Puppies Cute

by Nathan Hamm on 5/6/2005

And they’ve also asked the US to encourage a fair presidential election in Kyrgyzstan. Well, knock me over the head if Ambassador Young hasn’t been calling for a more open and fairer political system for some time now–including under the new government.

Maybe Human Rights Watch is concerned that the world will forget them if they fail to write open letters with unsolicitied advice at every opportunity. This is peculiar though because it tells the folks at the State Department to pretty much do what they are already doing except to do so in a way that kind of, sort of, just a little bit, presupposes guilt. Not that I don’t think we should make sure that our expectations are know, but when members of the government has recognized they are being scrutinized, I’m all for taking the gentle, hands-off approach and giving the Kyrgyz government the opportunity to succeed or fail on their own.

And, I should mention, Human Rights Watch’s recommendations aren’t bad at all. It’s just that some of the things are already being done by both the US government and the Kyrgyz government. So, I can’t see what HRW’s motivation is beyond trying to prove its relevance.

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