The Rise of The Turkic World . . .

by Laurence on 5/11/2005

W.P. Carey Forum
“The Rise of the Turkic World”

Hugh Pope
Istanbul Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, May 11, 5-7 PM
(Reception at the end)
1619 Massachusetts Ave., Rome Auditorium

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the question whether the
Turkic world has anything more than a linguistic issue as arisen with
new force. Successive Turkish governments, following in the tradition
of Ziya Gokalp and the Kemalists, have maintained that it does, and
pursued “Pan-Turkic” policies. Current Washington opinion holds
that these policies were a failure, ultimately because they attempt to
unify a reality that it only tenuous. Hugh Pope will argue that these
views are too hasty, based on years of travel and reporting throughout
the Turkic world. He has been the Journal’s Istanbul bureau chief for
eight years. Educated at Oxford, he has also reported from the Middle
East for the Independent, the Los Angeles Times, BBC and Reuters.

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