Republican Senators Pressure Uzbekistan

by Laurence on 5/30/2005 · 1 comment

According to ABC News, Republican senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain and John Sununu went to Tashkent to pressure Karimov to allow an international investigation into the Andijan killings, threatening a total aid cutoff.

I don’t know if bullying Karimov is the right tactic at this point–given problems the US is having restoring order in Iraq, alleged human rights violations in Guantanamo and Abu Gahrib, unproven charges that the US military desecrated the Koran, and other credibility-damaging incidents. Since a lot of the Islamist agitation against him is based on his alliance with America (Remember “the Great Satan”?) and not domestic policy, Karimov might possibly respond to such bullying by saying, “OK, Senators, we’ll now give the Russians those bases at Khanabad (USA) and Termez (NATO-Germany). Have fun in Afghanistan…”

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Nathan May 30, 2005 at 8:31 am

I don’t see how pushing the issue is bullying. We could, of course, just roll over and worry more about hurting his feelings than advancing our interests.

If he wants to boot us from the bases, then he can go and have loads of fun with Russian training and equipment rather than NATO.

And the Islamic agitation against him was alive and well before the alliance with the US. Sure they may talk that there’s a complaint, but their beef is mostly with the fact that he’s not creating an Islamic state.

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