Christain Science Monitor: Dump Karimov

by Laurence on 5/31/2005 · 1 comment

Lawrence A. Uzzell takes a hard line in an op-ed titled The dangers of being Uzbekistan’s best friend:

Washington need not take radical steps to bring down this hated despot, but it should be putting him at arm’s length. Both he and other dictators – and their victims – need to see that the US does not remain best friends with those who torture and murder their own people.

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Bernie July 5, 2005 at 9:23 pm

Show me in the Bible where “Democracy” is called for? Show me anywhere in the Bible where the will of the people is shown a favorable light!
It is amazing how people who have never served in the military are clamoring for war! Yeah! I know! You always know some veteran who came back from Iraq talking about how proud he was to kill ragheads for Christ! Either you are lying or you are being duped! Combat vetarans don’t come back from combat talking the same B.S. they were shouting going in! I myself learned that when as an EOD Diver, i had do dive under a real ship looking for a real bomb!

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