FOX News Analyzes Andijan Killings

by Laurence on 6/2/2005

Based in part on on AP reports, Fox News has an interesting roundup of reaction to events in Uzbekistan–ending with this cautious assessment from Stephen Blank, who teaches at the US Army War College:

Blank said as long as the United States is in Afghanistan, and Al Qaeda remains a threat to the region, “we don’t want to put that at risk” by encouraging the toppling of the regime.

“Up until the present, the priority for the United States in regard to Central Asia has been winning the global War on Terror,” he said. “Support for liberalization and democratization always came after that in the hierarchy of objectives.”

This more careful approach from the Army seems to confirm the Pentagon v. State Department split over Uzbekistan policy described by Ariel Cohen in his Eurasianet article.

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