Karimov Publishes Andijan Book

by Laurence on 6/2/2005

RIA Novosti says that the Uzbek government has released a book of speeches and press conferences by Islam Karimov dealing with the Andijan killings. Even a CIA analyst could figure out Karimov’s message from the reported title: “Uzbek People Will Never Depend on Anyone.”

The May 26th Karvimov text that gives the book its title can be found on the Uzbek president’s website:


President Islam Karimov spoke with the media before leaving for his state visit to China. He said that the organizers of the Andijan events did not achieve their ends. The people did not support their false calls. Measures were taken in time.

“In Andijan life continues. But some people still strive to use the events. They spread cock-and-bull stories and squabbles and make silly demands. For example, that the Andijan events require an international commission.

“The legal organs now are investigating the tragic events. An independent commission of the Oliy Majlis including members of both chambers is objectively and carefully studying the causes of the tragedy in an all round and deep way.

“So why all this noise before the results of the investigation are announced? There are representatives here from the UN, OSCE and others. Their colleagues can visit the site and speak with people. No one will follow them. The Uzbek government has already organized a special flight there for them and the media. It is surprising that some foreign media don’t remember this.

“As for the international investigation, Uzbekistan is an independent country with a constitution, government and deputies elected by the people. Why should someone from outside come?”

The President commented on media reports about refugees in Kyrgyzstan. Some ‘volunteers’ spread rumors that there were thousands of refugees. The command of the Kyrgyz border forces said officially that there were 531 refugees, 37 of whom were Kyrgyz citizens and 12 freed prisoners. The President said that 73 weapons were confiscated.

Some criminals gave up their weapons. Most of the prisoners released voluntarily returned. Some ‘well-wishers’ from abroad don’t wish to see this. You can’t fool the people and turn them from their chosen path. But some get lost. Our people expressed their relation to the tragic events.

The peaceful life of the people and country depend on the people living here, on each of us. To achieve noble ends demands sacrifice. I repeat: I am ready to give my life for the motherland, for my people. Our people will never turn away from the chosen path. They will never be dependent.

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