Pro-Government Rally in Jizak

by Nathan Hamm on 6/2/2005

To add a little more to the earlier post, here’s’s report:

Mass demonstration of President Islam Karimov’s supporters took place in the center of Dzhizak (Dzhizak region of Uzbekistan) on June 2. Almost 3,000 marchers carried hand-painted signs “We will not let forces of darkness to turn the people of Uzbekistan off the road of independence and prosperity!” and “Shame on fawners of the West and the United States!”

Human rights activist Bakhtiyor Khamraov says that the authorities mobilized for the demonstration employees of state organizations, students, schoolchildren, athletes, mahallja activists, and prominent cotton-pickers brought for purpose from the Dzhizak region.

At first, the authorities tried to summon local human rights activists and opposition leaders to the square in front of the khokimijat to organize a “public trial”, but eventually decided to be content to castigate them in absentia.

It’s worth recalling that the anti-American sentiment mentioned above is not necessarily on the orders of or giving voice to higher-ups in Tashkent. Jizzak Governor Ubaidulla Yamankulov has a history of anti-Americanism.

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