Simon Jones: US plans for Uz

by Laurence on 6/5/2005 · 3 comments

I found this article via (a pro-Islamist website opposed to the American war in Iraq). Simon Jones seems to be recycling quite a bit of Islamist propaganda in a way that explains why the Israeli embassy, as well as the American embassy, is a target. Interestingly, Jones doesn’t give the US credit for actually supporting human rights, rather sees criticism of Karimov as further evidence of plans for world domination. Here’s a sample of his sort of thinking:

Clearly these people have been well coached by the most hardened neocons. The fact that these ‘opposition’ leaders are able to spout their US-quisling-wannabe nonsense loudly, and at the same time fearlessly call for Karimov’s ouster indicates the extent of their protection by the US. In fact a prominent Uzbek defector, ex-Ambassador to the US Muhammadbubor Malikov, is the real founder of Ozod Dehqonlar, and is sitting comfortably in the US, awaiting the ‘liberation’ of Uzbekistan (a la Karzai, Chalabi or Reza Pahlavi). Hidoyatova and Umarov both met with him last year in Washington. This supposed farmers’ party is illegal but is tolerated and its leaders are treated with kid gloves, though its local members are beaten and jailed (but not murdered and tortured).

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Curzon June 5, 2005 at 1:04 pm

What infuriates me is that Uruknet — only worth reading for laughs, ala the KCNA — shows up as a valid source at These people get the same credibility as WSJ, Time Magazine, LA Times, whatever. They’ve even been on the front page. What garbage.

Bertrand June 7, 2005 at 1:05 am

Whoever “Simon Jones” is in reality, his prowess as an observer leaves much to be desired, to put it mildly. He gets so many bare, easily checked, “facts” completely wrong it is clear he has no interest in true journalism or even being a credible pundit.

People like Simon Jones do for punditry what the Boston Strangler did for door-to-door salesmen.

The word “nutcase” comes to mind.

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