CACI Analyst: Karimov has accomplished his task…

by Laurence on 6/6/2005 · 2 comments

Pavel Baev write in the CENTRAL ASIA – CAUCASUS ANALYST:

The forceful suppression of revolt in Andijan shocked but also alarmed most international observers and seasoned politicians: the loss of hundreds of innocent lives was appalling but the involvement of Islamist networks was worrisome indeed. Moscow, in contrast, expressed unambiguous support to the ‘friendly Uzbek government’ and added more criticism to Western NGOs that were fostering discontent. This sincere belief that the massacre was an acceptable price for restoring stability is based not only on the own decade-long experience in suppressing rebellious Chechnya which caused a sustained devaluation of human life in the society as a whole. Russia is convinced that the march of forceful regime changes in the post-Soviet states has to be stopped – and assumes that President Islam Karimov has accomplished this task.

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david_walther June 7, 2005 at 7:23 am

What are you trying to say here, Laurence? I am assuming by the headline that you agree that Karimov “finished the job” and somehow we should applaud him for that…

I want to note that no one, much less the Uzbek govenrment, who never feels burdened to prove anything, not even in judicial trials, has put forth any evidence that international islamists were involved at Andijon!! There is no evidence up to this point (and there couldn’t be, since Uzbekistan won’t let anyone investigate) that there were any outside forces involved. There is plenty of speculation on all sides, but no evidence that anyone aside from the residents of Andijon themselvews were involved in these events… and they are paying very dearly for it.

Nathan June 7, 2005 at 8:01 am

I think he’s pretty much passing on what Pavel said, David–that Karimov may have succeeded in stopping the tide.

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