The Dead

by Nathan Hamm on 6/8/2005

Story 12. Daniyar, born in 1983

I’m talking to Daniyar’s father who is 50. He is sitting on the bench covered with a blanket in the patio. The father wears a black chapan (robe) and tyubeteika (skull-cap) in mourning. He has not shaved for days.

“These Wahhabi began it all on May 12,” he said. “My son was but a spectator at the rally. He went there out of cuiriosity. Two bullets killed him, in the chest and in the mouth. This second shot took away half the head. It was not far from Chulpon movie theater. He did not come back that day but we never thought that he had been killed… I visited the morgue on Saturday. They found him there. Nobody there told me anything. It was his friends who said he had been with the crowd that was leaving the square. The tag bore number 305. The document (death certificate with the same number) I left with the mahallja committee (local self-government body). Daniyar was a good boy, hard-working. There are no jobs to be found here. I had three children. I have only two now, a boy and a girl.”

Daniyar’s passport was taken from the father at the morgue. It is as thought he has never lived…

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