Muslim Uzbekistan Readers on Andijan

by Laurence on 6/9/2005

The pro-Islamist website Muslim Uzbekistan has published responses to the Andijan killings that make for interesting reading. A sample:

As Salam Walaikum Wa Rahmatullahi, Oh My Brothers and Sisters of Uzbekistan May Allah(swt) protect you from the tyrant and destroy him and his regime.May Allah(swt) help establishing Shariah in Uzbekistan and May HE grant Jannat-ul-Firdaus to the shaheedan of Andizan. Ameen! Hayya Alal Jihad(Be Prepared for Jihad in the way of Allah)

The site also has an extensive photo gallery, which includes this Reuters photo of an English-language sign displaying a slogan I’ve think I’ve seen on Muslim Uzbekistan before, held up behind a young girl wearing a pure white headscarf design favored by Islamists:


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