Uzbek refugees in Kyrgyzstan incite a conflict – Ferghana.Ru

by Laurence on 6/15/2005

Uzbek refugees in Kyrgyzstan incite a conflict – Ferghana.Ru

Seventy or so representative of general public including aksakals (elders) and deputies of the Suzak local Kenesh (council) visited the camp of Uzbek refugees on May 14. The Suzak district is located on the territory of the Dzhalalabad region of Kyrgyzstan, the camp in the Sho-Bulak area (Bazakorgon district of the same region).

The enraged aksakals told refugee leaders to vacate the camp and leave Kyrgyzstan altogether in three days, threatening to bring thousands with them and oust refugees by sheer strength of numbers otherwise. Blows were exchanged. Executive of the international organization who tried to stop the locals and asked them to leave was assaulted and beaten.

A source in the Dzhalalabad regional administration reports that leaflets appeared in the Suzak district this last week. Supposedly distributed by Hizb-ut-Takhrir activists, they encourage the locals to help Uzbek refugees and give them shelter in Kyrgyzstan. The leaflets also urge the population not to elect “infidels” for president.

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