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by Nathan Hamm on 6/22/2005

Katy of Blogrel sent me a new Kyrgyzstan blog, “Pretend You’re Dread,” written by a Soros employee in Bishkek. From the first post,

I missed the revolution. Actually, that’s not true. I live about 500 metres from the parliament building, but instead I was sat at home watching it all on CNN. Christ, I could open my window and hear it all going on, but, well, those rocks looked pretty sharp and I don’t see how my presence there would have helped. And those rocks looked pretty sharp. Half an hour or so after it was all over, me and my mate Tom felt suitably shamed at having sat through the whole thing and went out to have a look. We wandered round the parliament, talked to a few of the revolutionaries, gawked at the broken windows and watched as the masses torched a few of the sleek German cars left behind by the fleeing politicians. But we weren’t really part of it all. We took some pictures, but they largely involved us standing in front of abandoned tanks and pointing (in case anyone was in any doubt that the huge green armoured vehicle looming behind was, in fact, a tank). It was Revolutionary Tourism. Of course, since then I’ve significantly embellished the part I played on that day, and reading some of my emails you would think I went face to face with the baton-wielding police.

Good stuff. Welcome to the blogosphere, David.

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