Uzbekistan Demands Return of 131 Kyrgyz Refugees

by Laurence on 6/22/2005 · 2 comments

According to the Kyrgyz News agency AKIpress, they have been accused of “participation in terrorist acts” by the General Public Prosecutor of Uzbekistan.

IMHO, this demand puts Kyrgyzstan in an unenviable diplomatic position, especially since the US attacked Afghanistan for failing to turn over Bin Laden after making similar charges. This precedent is no doubt known to Uzbekistan’s American-trained military, since Uzbekistan supported America’s Afghan operations.

With the US military on its way out of K2, Uzbekistan may have less pressure from its new allies, Russia and China, to restrain military adventurism.

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Nathan June 22, 2005 at 4:59 pm

Well, except that they are claiming refugee status while Bin Laden did not. There is a process that Kyrgyzstan has to go through.

upyernoz June 23, 2005 at 9:44 am

it’s not clear to me that russia or china would approve of an uzbek invasion of kyrgyzstan. both countries are allying with uzbekistan because they each committed to stability in central asia, and because they don’t want to support the precedent of allowing the international community to meddle in the internal affairs of a country. neither of those interests would be served if uzbekistan was actually stupid enough to go into kyrgyzstan.

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