Is America’s Karshi Khanabad Base at Risk?

by Laurence on 6/23/2005 · 1 comment

Jamestown Foundation expert Stephen Blank thinks it is:

While at the moment it cannot be determined how long America’s base in Uzbekistan will be able to function and under what conditions; to external observers American policy toward Uzbekistan looks like it is divided, ambivalent, and uncoordinated, despite administration claims to the contrary. This perception prevents Washington from being able to follow through on either of its goals, defeating the terrorists and/or enhancing democracy. Moreover, it is increasingly clear that it is urgently necessary to forge a coordinated inter-agency policy on Uzbekistan so that Karimov, his successors, or imitators cannot successfully play U.S. cabinet departments against each other.

According to Blank, K2 is “vital” to the American war effort in Afghanistan.

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Major John June 23, 2005 at 5:35 pm

Vital? I think not. Bagram AF is vital. Manas-Bishkek is vital. K2 – useful, not vital. I bet the folks out at Shindand would be happy to take up the slack (or at least the locals who would get the jobs/contracts, etc…heh).

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