Kazan’s Qol Sharif Mosque Opened

by Nathan Hamm on 6/24/2005 · 2 comments

RFE/RL reports that the Qol Sharif mosque, rebuilt on the mosque’s original site, has been opened as part of festivities celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of Kazan’s founding.

Located within the Kazan Kremlin walls, Qol Sharif is the most prominent of the city’s mosques. It is also Russia’s largest. Its construction started nine years ago on the site where the old Qol Sharif mosque stood when the Russians conquered the city in 1552.

The mosque is named after Imam Seid Qol Sharif, who defended Kazan against the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

But, as Tatarstan’s President Mintimer Shaimiev said on 24 June, the new building is meant to represent the multiethnic character of the small central Russian republic.

“The Qol Sharif Mosque stands next to the [Orthodox] Blagoveshchensk Cathedral,” Shaimiev said, “and this has a profound meaning which is tied to the aspirations of the multiethnic peoplesof the republic to live in peace and friendship. They stand next to each other as a symbol of mutual understanding between the country’s two leading faiths.”

Tatar-inform has more on the story.

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Tim Newman June 24, 2005 at 11:04 am

Does Tatarstan fall under Central Asia? If so, I’ve already been there!

I tend not to get too excited about mosques though. I kinda got put off by being woken up at 4am each morning by one in Kuwait.

Julia June 24, 2005 at 3:43 pm

this is probably one of the few mosques just up a hill from a beer hall. Too bad it’s hideous (the mosque, that is). But so’s the monument to Ivan the Terrible also in Kazan’.

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