Karimov on the Media

by Nathan Hamm on 6/28/2005 · 1 comment

Read the whole thing, but here are some choice quotes from Karimov on Press Day.

Media as a tool of the state:

Using this opportunity, I would like to draw your attention to one thing: Who does a real journalist serve? And who do they put their lives at risk for? For this hard working people, for them not to be dependent on others, for the bright future of this country’s children and their happiness, for the blessed land and for the sacred motherland.

We have lived through similar attacks by some foreign media in the acts of terror carried out in Andijon town, where they spread false sensational stories, slander and fabrications. In this regard, we should say once again that such media attacks organized and managed by a certain centre are nothing but attempts to exert influence from outside and divert us from the chosen path. At a time when control over information can determine many things, the current situation requires an independent state to resolutely protect its national interests not only from the political, economic and military but also informational safety points of view. If we look at the activity of our media from this angle, then shortcomings can still be found in detailed coverage and deep analysis of the essence of events taking place in the world and in our country.

But media should be independent:

In order to reach the diversity of opinions and views – in the pure sense of these words – non-governmental media should be developed, and the issue of the creation of public television is of great importance.

In this regard, the fact that an independent public fund being set up, a two-year higher journalism course has been set up under the Uzbek National University, work is being carried out to stimulate the work of media representatives, and there exists appropriate appreciation of their hard work – no doubt, all these will yield positive results in the near future.

Bland niceties and a mild warning (with links added to illustrate what he means):

I congratulate you, representatives of the mass media, once again on this wonderful holiday, and I will say, on behalf of our countrymen, expressing public opinion, that sufficient positive changes are taking place in our press and that it is necessary to stress that Uzbekistan’s journalists have become more active and more experienced in applying their professional skills to protect our state’s reputation, our nation’s dignity and the interests, rights and freedoms of our people.

I believe that our media people will do their best and use all their knowledge and skills in the cause of solving topical issues and of achieving the tasks set by modern life.

I wish everybody sound health, happiness and success in your creative efforts and prosperity to your families.

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