Ferghana.Ru: Andijan Rebel Leader Demands International Investigation

by Laurence on 6/29/2005

From Ferghana.Ru , an exclusive interview with one of the masterminds of the Andijan events:

Andizhani rebel leader Kabul Parpiyev denies that participants of the rally on May 13 in Andizhan and refugees currently on the territory of Kyrgyzstan have anything to do with extremist and terrorist organizations like Hizb-ut-Takhrir, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (Turkestan), Taliban, etc. Here are excerpts from a telephone interview with Parpiyev.

According to official Uzbek media outlets, engineer Parpiyev also known as a close accomplice of Akromians leader Akram Yuldashev, called Uzbek Interior Minister Zakir Almatov on the phone on May 13, the day of the rebellion in Andizhan. Reports of RIA-Novosti news agency indicate that Almatov announced on May 18 that he had “talked to gunmen’s leaders that day with nothing to show for it. The leader managed to escape arrest in the course of the operation.” On May 25, Almatov officially called Parpiyev one of the organizers of the Akromian Movement but added that no criminal charges had been pressed against him in the past. Parpiyev was merely known as one of the activists, the minister said.

Safely beyond Uzbekistan at this point, Parpiyev urges the international community to run an independent investigation of the tragedy in Andizhan.

“I demand that the international community put Islam Karimov under pressure. An independent commission must be set up to investigate the events in Andizhan on May 13,” Parpiyev said. “Karimov accuses us of being in contact with terrorists but we denounce the accusations. Let an independent commission investigate everything and draw its own conclusions.”

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