From Igor Rotar’s Russian Newsweek Article

by Laurence on 8/15/2005

On Ferghana.Ru Central Asia Information Agency

“Sad as it is, Hitler failed in extermination of Jews. This cursed people is still making life hard for Moslems. You probably think that Karimov is an Uzbek when he actually is a Jew,” Yusup, 50, of Namangan told this correspondent. Yusup’s three sons were jailed as members of the outlawed Hizb-ut-Takhrir. Yusup is a Hizb-ut-Takhrir activist too. Unlike the Akromians, Hizb-ut-Takhrir is in politics. It is building a global caliphate. Official authorities view this organization as terrorist and ascribe to it all explosions and skirmishes that occur in Tashkent every now and then. Ideology of the organization is extremist indeed. According to it, democracy is not for the Moslems, and the United States, Great Britain, and Israel are devil’s spawns…

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