Russia-China Wargames

by Nathan Hamm on 8/18/2005 · 1 comment

Andy has a great post on what the Russia-China wargames are all about. What he mentions in his final paragraph is exactly why I don’t think the current Russia-China lovefest has much durability. And frankly, I am at least a little bit surprised that it’s gone on this long. But, I suppose that Russia might be so interested in proving its independence from US influence that it’s unaware that it’s starting to look like China’s tag-along little brother.

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Daniel August 18, 2005 at 8:44 pm

I tend to agree with Nathan’s worldview and on this subject as well. If I’m the US, I’m not concerned about this because it seems to me that these countries (Russia, China and you can add the two Koreas and Japan) may all trust the US more than they do each other. And one could argue that the US military presence in the Pacific has kept these sides from acting up against each other. They may all rail against the US presence in the Pacific, but deep down they may prefer it, as they know the US wont attack them and as I said, the US presence keeps their neighbors in check.

We can all rail about US bases everywhere, but in some places they actually do help to keep the peace!

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