PA Professor Wins Uzbekistan Fulbright

by Laurence on 8/22/2005

Pennsylvania’s Lock Haven University is sending art professor Richard Huber to Uzbekistan:

Huber had to do a lot of searching to find just the right partner. After emailing every school in the country and every person he could think of, he finally got the partner he wanted to work with, Mavlyuda Yusupova.

“She was a professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Uzbekistan, specializing in architecture. She has written the book that I will be shooting which is on the architectural history of Bukhara from the ninth to 20th century,” Huber said. “She has just received a grant from Oxford University to translate it from Usbek to English, so we are hoping that, ultimately, the Oxford Press will pick it up.” The holy city of Bukhara dates back to the eighth century when, for 200 years, it was the center of an expanding Islamic kingdom and prospered as a trade and intellectual center for Central Asia. During the Mongol invasion, it was destroyed by Genghis Khan in 1219 and subsequently rebuilt by a succession of rulers. Once one of Islam’s most sacred cities, Bukhara is now a “town museum” with more than 140 architectural monuments.

“The subject of the book is this city, Bukhara, that goes back a couple thousand years and was one of the predominate places on the ancient silk route that Marco Polo traveled, so it’s a very unusual city in its architectural history,” he said. Recently, his partner received a promotion and is now the President of Scientific Institute of Uzbekistan. So, splitting his time between photography and lecturing, Huber will be teaching advanced media to students from both universities.

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