Populations on the rise in CIS countries

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AKIPress news agency had this short piece on predicted population increases in CIS countries – the increases are pretty substantial:

– The population of Kyrgyzstan by 2050 will increase up to 8.3 mln people. Such forecast is made in “Report on the population of the world in 2005” of the Washington public research organization Population Reference Bureau.

The experts of Population Reference Bureau predict growth of the population by 2050 in such CIS countries as Armenia (up to 3.3 mln), Turkmenistan (up to 7.4 mln), Tajikistan (up to 10.9 mln), Azerbaijan (up to 11.6 mln), Uzbekistan (up to 38.4 mln).

According to the report, by 2050 the population will decrease in Ukraine (to 33.4 mln), in Byelorussia (to 8.5 mln), Georgia (to 3.6 mln), Moldova (to 3.3 mln). The population of Kazakhstan will be at a level of 15 mln people.

The implications for many of the countries mentioned – not least the Central Asian republics – and effectively tackling poverty and raising living standards are, to put it mildly, considerable.

The Population Reference Bureau site can be viewed here.

The PRB World Population 2005 Data Sheet can be downloaded here, along with the FAQ (both pdf).

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