News roundups

by CXW on 10/23/2005

A couple of roundups for you:

The New Eurasia Kyrgyzstan Blog looks at events in Kyrgyzstan over the last week, including a summary of circumstances surrounding the murder of deputy Tynchynbek Akmatbaev and his asistant during a visit to a high-security prison colony. Incidentally, we should have a local blogger or two posting on the site soon, so check back from time to time.

More generally, Mental Wanderlust takes a quick scoot around the Central Asian region to roundup the stories that have been in the news recently including the Vatican’s endorsement of Kazakhstan’s candidacy for the OSCE Chair in 2009, news “black holes” in Turkmenistan, continuing problems with human rights in Uzbekistan and the latest reports and newswraps on the region.

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