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by Nathan Hamm on 10/28/2005

I was leafing through my copy of Karl A. Krippes preliminary edition of the Uzbek-English Dictionary, and found something rather interesting.

бирлик unity, solidarity; (gram) singular; Birlik, “a militant group”, more radical than Эрк; максад бирлиги unity of purpose

Someone may know more about this than me, but I believe Krippes translated the definitions of an Uzbek dictionary from the late 80s or early 90s into English to end up with an Uzbek-English dictionary. So it’s actually quite full of interesting examples of usage in its definitions. From the same page:

бирлаш- v-pass to unite, join together Бутун дунё пролетарлари бирлашингиз! Proletarians of the world unite!

Who would have thought a dictionary could be so much fun?

(And, to my readers who know Uzbek, yes, I am aware of the mistake in the first definition. I wanted to maintain the Cyrillic.)

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