New Interior Minister

by Nathan Hamm on 1/5/2006 · 4 comments

I was just told that the new Uzbek Interior Minister is not, as previously reported Anvar Salihbaev, but Bakhodir Matlyubov, former Chairman of the State Customs Committee. As my source mentioned, Matlyubov’s former position most assuredly makes him quite skilled in the dark arts of corruption. Unlike Salihbaev though, he is not on “the list.”

I don’t know much about Matlyubov myself other than what I’ve discovered quickly online. He apparently was once the First Deputy Interior Minister and is a Lt. General. But that’s about all I know.

Surely there are some readers who know more about Matlyubov and could fill us in.

UPDATE: I see RFE/RL has a brief story now.

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Rustam January 5, 2006 at 7:51 pm

If one would ask me the biggest reason for the appalling state of the economy and the fact that no real economic reforms are taking place I would say the following to be the two biggest reasons:
1. It is Karimov himself, who was always happy with the degree of monopolization, absence of the real middle class and absence of any transparency when it comes to public finances, the revenues and expenditures of the state budget. No real, reliable statistics, no information about the revenues from cotton, gold, uranium exports to name a few, different numbers to different people, if you are IMF person one type of a economic outlook and totally different if you are someone else;
2. The composition of the cabinet, human resources policy of the Karimov again. Matlyubov and Parpiev they came out from the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). The first has been the Chairman of the State Customs Committee for more than three years I guess and what we had is stable increase of customs duties, VAT and Excise tax. The last one being only recently, even to such goods as pharmaceuticals, beer, eggs and so on. In order to import a wide range of products you have to pay 120% of tax, i.e. if the import cost of the product was 100$ it will come to the market around 250$ (incl. profit) and all in the name of protecting illusive national producers. What we are left with is to buy a Daewoo Nexia for 11000$. This is his professional achievements.
Parpiev – was the head of customs committee then was transferred to Taxation committee. Stupid ass whole, bulldog, does not have clue about economics what so ever. Last year we had to have a New Tax code which as Karimov told the business community would drastically cut the tax burden. New Year came no sign of it. With this kind of Economists nothing will be there.
They were and are there because it never was, is and never will be an economy based on market principles, on supply and demand, but on the desire and wish of the puppet master Karimov and his daughter Gulnora & Co, these MVD people are there because they do what is told and do whatever the cost to the people and do it on time and ruthlessly.

SRUS January 6, 2006 at 6:23 am


Former southern districts MVD commander Kaskhandaryia, then move quickly yp the ranks in the Customs Service – reaching hte position of Chairman for the last 3 years and 7 month – links to Iranian and Afghan crime families and warlords – mainly illegal contraband such as cigarettes, vodka, people – no-known opium trade connections but probable. Has economic interest in long haul transport companies registered in Iran, Turkey and Kazakhstan. Moderate drinker, and smoker – known to prefer young [15-18 yr] Russian prostitutes when outside Uzbekistan. Second wife in Irkursk.

Laurence January 6, 2006 at 7:43 am

Nathan, Thank you for these interesting post and comments.

Brian January 6, 2006 at 7:07 pm

Nice comments by Rustam and SRUS… and if that information by SRUS is true, it sounds like it’s really exclusive info.

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