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by Nathan Hamm on 1/27/2006 · 3 comments

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David Walther January 28, 2006 at 9:48 am

I thought this was worth noticing, though I won’t attempt to make any comment on it. This was a sidebar in the RFE/RL article “Uzbekistan: Playing Russia Against The West” above (it’s an interview with the strikingly undiplomatic Uzbek Ambassador to Tajikistan):

“RFE/RL: Mr. Ambassador, at the opening session of this forum, you gave a speech and said that international organizations do not know the region of Central Asia very well and they often make wrong assessments of events in the region. What can you add to that statement?

Shoislomov: Yes, it is true that the region has many problems. But unfortunately, most employees of international organizations have never lived here. They don’t know our life, our traditions, and customs. They don’t have a deep knowledge [of the region]. Therefore, in their [reports], they portrait us as underdeveloped and backward. [Although], we can teach them 10 times more than they can teach us. There is such a thing as competency. They lack competency. These shallow opinions of theirs get reflected in some documents. They stigmatize us. Of course, we can never accept the stigma. One should think before putting opinions on paper.”

Kuda January 29, 2006 at 8:18 am

OK, discounting his main thrust there are a couple of points here. Firstly, it is true that some of the people working for Int. Orgs. really should try and learn a little about the region, customs etc. before they come. I have met many who are simply ignorant to the simplest of customs etc. and often look down on the locals. Not all though.

The more relevant point concerns the claim that “most employees of international organizations have never lived here”. In my experience the people on the ground are usually pretty spot on. Problems arise when reports are sent back to Head Office in Europe or America. Decisions are then made by bureaucrats who really have never set foot in the country – or if they do it’s a whistle-stop tour of the capital cities staying at the top hotels – to keep away from the local, can trust them, see?

Rustam February 2, 2006 at 3:10 am

He is one of the oldest, the most arrogant, out of touch from ordinary people, SNB agent, bastard, stinking servants of dictator Karimov.
I would put a different question to this ass whole – I think during Your tenure as an Ambassador in Russia there were rumours that in one of the Moscow airports Russian FSB caught a plane full of Uzbek gold to be flown to an unidentified destination and that no one came to claim that gold, how would You comment on this? How would You explain sudden 180 degrees change in the Uzbek-Russian relations after Andijon Massacre because all the little You did before as an Ambassador did little to warm the relations? – and would look how his face would change, these idiots try to impose an image of themselves, by the look of their face, seriousness and little threatening tone of their talk, that they are the masters of the situation, they know and control everything. In fact he is an idiot, if Karimov is right that in Andijon there were Chechen separatists then he as a former Ambassador to Russia failed in his duties, all the explosions starting from 1999 till Andijan massacre show that they can not even guarantee basic security of the nation let alone political, economic and social reforms.
Can You feel the arrogance of this mother, we can teach You 10 times more, look at Your people how they are freezing in their homes during the winter, how much they earn for a month of hard labour before teaching them, they don’t know our customs and traditions, ask killer Karimov and his generals and hyena like Shoislomov about democracy and political liberalism, they will tell You this bull shit, democracy is different to different countries, we have “Uzbek model” of democracy, i.e. we will keep on torturing the whole nation and massacring those who dissent.
So in short he is an ass whole.

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