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by Nathan Hamm on 4/2/2006 · 8 comments

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Nodir Qurbonov April 3, 2006 at 1:11 am

To Rustam,

Nathan put a filter to “Presidentga maktublar”, He is a yellowish Nancy! Therefore I post it here.

Here is again the Nodir. I’m very proud that my previous blogs have created such a furor.

First of all below my humble comments, i.e. textual analysis of “aka Rustam’s” far from Okkam’s razor umozaklucheniy, however very lonely monologue “worth” of speaking standing right at the Hyde Park corner or somewhere in Central Park Square in NYC.

You sound very contradictory in your statements and even do not seem deeply comprehensible in what doo “tolerance”, “patriotism”, “iymon”, “truth”,”justice”, “morality”, “whore” 🙂 mean?

Unfortunately, I have to admit that you are very pitiful, emotional, virtual world dependent soul, indoctrinated by left-wing radical sites like ‘informationclearinghouse’ and other doubtful movements.

You possess no independent mind to judge and see a bigger picture what is going on in and around us.

However, I’m inclined to believe that the years will pass by and you will understand what did I really mean to you at the first beginning.

I’m very happy that what I wrote touched you at the target and made you to write so long, necessitated “to defend your case” so extensively, But alas, it lacks arguments.
But still I do hope that it won’t be too late until you’ll open your masked eyes.

It turned out to be that you are anti not only against current regime, but also against so-called ‘neocons’ the Bush regime and you sound very ‘pro-Wahhabi’.

I strongly recommend you to read the history of the world and emergence of different sects. People like you are very dangerous to any society and have different faces.

If you are so patriotic as you declared “my own country” and dare to come to Uzbekistan and try to change it for a better.

You wrote that you won’t “let parasites like ‘me’ to destroy everything what you and your generations before have worked for” Who are you? “A Hero of Uzbekistan”?! Don’t fool yourself, what did you and your generations have invented so far?

In your still next “mini-evidence” you contemplated that you know very clearly – “I know one thing and one thing only, these bastards like Nodir, do not understand the language of tolerance, argument and truth”

Again and again if you are so tolerant where is your own tolerance towards my critical attitude towards you, the undergrown complexity!

Do you sound tolerant here, harip, “So that the next time he would ask permission before he speaks”

You are just generalizing and playing in a tune with “assholes” like Nathan who “untiredly struggled for loans in UWED” openly, but covertly worked for dustruction of Uzbekistan from inside.


I could write more, but “yomon otga ming qamchi urushga vaqtim yo’q”


Nathan April 3, 2006 at 2:11 am

Nodir, you have a fake javascript payload. It triggers my spam filter to reject you sometimes. When you do get through, my filtering program tells me you probably have a fake payload. It’s not me, it’s you. I approved the other comment.

Dude, really, please posting comments. I love how Orwellian they are.

I’d explain how the destruction of Uzbekistan is the last thing I want and how I think there are far worse alternatives than Karimov’s government (such as Wahhabis and whatnot), but I have a strong feeling it’d be lost on you.

jonathan p April 3, 2006 at 5:12 am

Normally I refrain from these pointless name-calling fests, but this one is too good:
He’s a khodja now?

Rustam April 3, 2006 at 6:52 am

If you are from Tashkent, if you are “khoja”, then please do not insult me with the this “aka Rustam’s” stuff.
First of all, before I turn to your “textual analysis”, could you be so kind to explain to me, to the Agent Nathan of CIA and other employees of MI6 present here, why you have reacted in such a baseless and bias manner to my comments, which one comment is the reason for words “harp”, “Xalqingga sodiq bo’l, iymonsiz.” Choose one or all of them:
I) the letter to the dictator Karimov; the letter as I see it, bears the hallmarks of SNB style and written, constructed, as to answer specific demands, criteria, orders from a client, such as, a) to show overwhelming agreement with and support to the Dictator, to show that people in Uzbekistan are supporting Karimov, not only does Akbar talks about himself but he counts all his grandparents, his son, relatives, neighbours, he would talk on behalf of people in Navoiy if he logically could, i.e. support is overwhelming, almost like all Navoiy, 100% is behind you, all age groups, sex and all social classes support H.E. The Dictator Karimov, b) not only does the letter presents that people support him but it shows that people equate Karimov with the government, and that they blindingly trust his “oqilona” (clever policy, policy based on the principle of justice) policies and that their trust was met by Karimov’s actions; c) in the letter it is presented that for Akbar and Co it is obvious that these actions in Andijon are nothing more than criminal felonies, although only 10 days have passed since the tragic events and no hearings in the court took place, talking about the presumption of innocence, even better, he asks the Dictator to swiftly deal with these “criminals”, but interesting part is that the accent to the “qonun yo’li bilan” (according to the law), why this accent, because in the next sentence Akbar says that his trust that these criminals will be dealt swiftly and according to law were met by H.E. Dictator Karimov, although again no court hearings took place; d) then the fantastic stuff, Akbar expresses that he was really upset by the reports of foreign mass media, why, because he is sure that Uzbekistan, i.e. Karimov, can deal with its internal affairs himself, he continues what people like Nodirkhoja talk about, that “our independent country does posses its own forces and capabilities”, what a tough and inspiring pseudo patriotic words, i.e. Krimov and the Co are perfectly capable of shutting down permanently any voice of dissent, I am sure that Nodirkhoja liked it very much. He continues by saying that he is sure that they (foreign mass media) are walking around without any shame what so ever spreading lies. Who are these liars, reporters of foreign mass media – Galima Bukharbaeva (IWPR), Aleksey Volosovich ( – that day gave interview to Vesti – RTR), Saidjakhon Zainabitdinov (showed large calibre ammo to the NTV)….. Question how could Akbar know what these bastards, foreign reporters, CIA agents, were saying about Andijan if not only BBC, CNN or EuroNews but even all the Russian channels, more specifically NEWS programmes, were blocked on TV, on cable, websites were blocked, starting from 12-13-14 may till I guess 20 days afterwards, when Karimov reached an agreement with the Putin that from now on he will suck up to him and Putin told the Russian channels to back off, did he know what the situation was there in Andijon before that tragic day, as a person living in Tashkent I can tell for sure that there was nothing on TV or the Radio about ever growing number of women and children sitting in front of the Andijan Regional Court, that the day ago at night SNB and MVD beat up those people who came to the court, took their vehicles; e) then he talks about that the Andijon was a lesson to all of us, what the f…k is this, this is the pressure SNB style, don’t come out to the streets the next time if one will call you to come out, when they will tell you that government will not shoot us as long as we will stick together, because we surely will kill you and your neighbours, then he goes, exactly the same words as Karimov uses, now we know who is the friend and who is not. SNB’s bull shit – this is what it is.
II) Comment regarding the unfinished and stupid reform to switch to Latin from Cyrillic; I based my comment on my own experience, person who was unfortunate to study at the period of Karimov’s Latin reforms in Uzbek school, that I finished school were no good, professional Russian language teacher ever taught me, person who has been seeing how his nephews are learning to read and write in Latin in Uzbek schools, the person who witnessed until recently the poor quality of these stupid books and worst of all that every year new reading and writing books in Latin coming out in to the market and the schools are forcing these pupils to buy it, for 2000-3000 sums, when minimum wage is 9500 or ok, average wage is 45000, I believe very expensive for the toilet paper; The person who has seen the disparity between the teaching at school and the demands at the university and at the government ministries. Nodirkhoja, this is neither the case of foreign policy, here no one purposely made it difficult for Karimov to succeed in these reforms, no CIA agents like Nathan were involved, there were students like me who studied in Uzbek schools and who are now really struggling, I guess that you studied in Russian school. Ok, let alone the switch to Latin, Karimov could not even managed to achieve at least 50% of transition to Uzbek in the government communications, he did not tell to his ministers and to himself to read and write in Uzbek, did not tell his apparatus to bring him notes written in Uzbek not in Russian, how many years have passed since 1989, I hope that you know how to count. What is here, am I bastard, am I CIA agent as well, this is not the only one reform that he has failed, take for example, JKH (utilities), people in Andijan living in 9 storey buildings and everyone burns coal and wood, Uzbekenergo is in total shit because of the huge arrears, why – how the f..k people should pay when their wages are so low and there is an astronomic unemployment, they built roads but after a one good winter of 2004-2005 we came to understand better the quality of roads; Defence, what happened in 1999-2000 when IMU, wahhabies like you like to say, tried to penetrate Uzbekistan, Karimov himself, personally had to fly to Surkhandarya, why would he do that, because situation was really serious, he doubted that they can do it, therefore as always he decided to go there personally, he himself said that he will buy all the weapons necessary for the soldiers to fight them, i.e. even night vision goggles and certain specific automatic weaponry was absent, I always thought that at least in terms of defence we can kick some asses in the region but even this turned out to be mirage; Economy, what is going on there is total mess, foreign economic policy so called “import substitution and export orientation” gave nothing, no sorry, it gave the situation when even the imports of basic products such as sugar, flour and cooking oil are divided up and monopolised, not even talking about more bigger stuff, it gave a situation when we are buying Lacetti for 18000 USD, Nexia for 11000 USD, when for this money we could buy two or even three Toyotas, this would bring down depreciation costs, it would affect positively to transport costs …..; what about taxes, we hear that they are decreasing and so on, but why so few companies are working on the street year after year, in January 2005 Presidents decree came out saying that by July 2005 new tax code should be ready, it outlined directions, but what, nothing, instead we have Zeromax and other companies monopolizing the Republic with the Gulnora at the head; Administrative reforms, after the Russians we also thought that we will ascertain each agency’s functions, what they do, when they do and how they do, what happened, nothing; we talked about that we have signed Article VIII of the IMF Articles of Agreement, free foreign exchange for all current account operations, import-export, transfers for education and medical purposes, what happened, as was before “certain” special companies and citizens are entitled, for others dreaming is not a bad thing; what is going on with the pensions??? What is going on with the official statistics, do we know how to calculate GDP, the answer is NO; What happened with the 16 billion foreign investments, what was the result of investments in the UzbekNeftGaz and textile industry??? DO YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE????????
Now let’s talk about your humble comments. You say that I “do not seem deeply comprehensible in what do “tolerance”, “patriotism”, “iymon”, “truth”,” justice”, “morality”, “whore” mean. Then would you be so kind to tell me, to the person who does not “deeply comprehend”, what these words mean to you?
Nodirkhoja, I would like to tell you that all these “left-wing radical sites like ‘informationclearinghouse’ and other doubtful movements” do not indoctrinate me, because I have come out with my own views and opinions from the compulsory ideological brainwashing, drilling, called “Istiqlol g’oyasi” (ideology of Independence) and read pretty much all H.E. masterpieces, that I was subjected to during at least six years at the University and more so at work, so therefore don’t even worry about it. I can assure you that I am not easily persuaded even by CIA or FSB to that matter. In contrast to you I like the diversity of information sources, can not stand looking only to the mouth of Karimov, Putin or the Bush.
I would like to beg you to enlighten us with your “independent mind” and explain to stupid and iymonsiz Rustam and CIA Agent Nathan “what is going on in (?) and around us” that I was not been able to judge because of veil in front of my eyes drawn by the CIA Agent Nathan and free me from waiting for “years” to at last understand the truth.
Nodirkhoja, I wish you could look at the complex issues in my country, Uzbekistan, with a little bit of wider angle from the one that you have now. For you and for SNB and so called neocons everything is simple, what you saying is stupid, baseless, if you are against dictatorship of Karimov and neocons then you are pro-Wahhabi – are you out of your mind, don’t watch Fox News too often.
I have question to ask: Why being a religious person in Uzbekistan is taboo, why can’t you go on stage and say I am a believer, I believe in Allah, every time I go to the Mosque I ask from Allah to make Karimov more passionate to his own people, I ask Allah to make Karimov not to kill thousands of religious people of our country…. WHY? Why you have to be turned into Wahabi or Hizb-ut-Tahrir or Akromiya or some other WAHBAHATIA?
Do I think that radical Islam is threat in Uzbekistan – the answer is yes. BUT, it is very miniscule, tiny percentage of people, generally males, mainly originally from Namangan and Andijon but currently in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and UAE. Apart from it, ISLAM in UZBEKISTAN is compassionate, mild and secular. Why should I see how a boy, about 25 years of age, physically fit, my neighbour was put into jail because of the allegations of being Islamic fundamentalist, and after several months, after returning from work I see 4-5 police patrol cars in the neighbourhood and apparent discomfort of my neighbours and the next day I hear that his body was brought to his house and his mother could not even see her son’s, her boy’s, body, face, to say him good buy my son. WHY????
And all this time Bush was giving him money, his planes were bringing people to be tortured in Uzbekistan, Bush has openly was saying that “You are with us or against us”, Rumsfeld and Colin Powell came to endorse Karimov and no talks about the torture and deaths.
Regarding me coming back to Uzbekistan and trying to change things, I will tell you Nodirkhoja, that I did and I will surely do, all what I am writing is based on my experience not as your case, on empty words like patriotism. What about you, did you ever tried to change things, can you give me specific points where you did, or you can only talk about this? How can you try to change things, when you refuse to look at the reality, to see the problems, when you really believe that “The Future of Uzbekistan in Bright”.
My generations have worked, in different spheres of the economy, science, universities, they still do, they gave all that they could, people I know were those from the beginning who expressed doubts about giving so much power to Karimov, from the beginning they were thinking about “Parliamentary democracy” because they knew the dangers the Karimov represented.
Nodirkhoja, more then 15 years of tolerance and acceptance of points and torture of Karimov and SNB led to the fact that we have left behind Kazakhstan, we are living worse in any terms, what we have know is ever growing paranoia of Karimov, police state, total freedom of action for MVD, SNB and courts, no separation of power, no freedom of speech. Uzbek people are very tolerant and accepting people but as you sure can see what happened in Andijan, you should know that for these people, for Uzbeks, to stand up and consciously act knowing that it might lead to deaths, something really big should be there as a stimuli, and it was 15 years of agony and oppression. It will continue forever, do you think that parents, brothers, sisters of those 1000 who were killed in Andijon will forget about it, do you? Now it is race to bottom, who will break first. Therefore, now I do accept the principle of the Karimov and the neocons – originally Lenin’s “I am ready to negotiate even with the devil himself if it helps the revolution”. It is so because as I said before the article of Lord Patten and all the talk of risk of stability to Central Asia as whole, is a serious talk, I do not doubt that Karimov might organize a 9/11 in Uzbekistan on the basis of ethnic hatred to justify his continual in the throne of presidency in Uzbekistan and wipe out all the opposition what so ever for centuries to come. Therefore no other way left.
I hope that this time you can see arguments and at least once write based on my arguments not on your stupid words like patriotism.
And thank you for your wish, in your first message, to boil me as well as soon as I will return to Uzbekistan, I knew that you do work for SNB or at least as sick as they are.
Really hope that you will write constructive reply and deny all the facts and show that I am CIA Agent after all, blinded and seduced by Agent Nathan. But if you can not then the next time please keep your comments in yourself.

P.S. Don’t talk on behalf of Azjon, I hope that you will hear from himself shortly.

Laurence April 3, 2006 at 7:36 am

Thankfully the name-calling has stopped, and the debate between Rustam and Nodir is heading to a higher level. It is very interesting to read both sides, and I hope they will continue to take their comments to an even higher level in future posts.

Brian April 3, 2006 at 9:17 am

He’s calling Rustam “pro-Wahhabi”, something I’ve not once seen him advocate, and something that would get him jailed in Uzbekistan. I think that’s considered name calling. The guy’s nuts, and it’s pretty scary.

Still, keep it coming, it makes for great entertainment.

Nathan April 3, 2006 at 9:25 am

And I’ve learned some great vocabulary from all this.

jonathan p April 3, 2006 at 11:13 am

Is that a record for longest post in the comments section?

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