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by Nathan Hamm on 5/2/2006

FACT: Using Internet Explorer makes Baby Jesus cry. This has been proven under laboratory conditions.

It has come to my attention that the site isn’t properly loading in IE 6. I really have no idea why, and fortunately don’t have the urge to find out why. It looks like the new design I’m working on works with Explorer (knock on wood), so I’ll try to get it all ready to go as quickly as I can.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Kind of. I hate being one of those guys who tells you how you should surf the web, but really, get rid of the Night Train of browsers and try out something better.

UPDATE: It’s looking like the new layout is at least functional in the ways it needs to be now. But again, if anyone notices anything weird that needs fixing, please let me know.

UPDATE II: I appear to have found the offending code. It’s a shame really. It was something nice and shiny. Anyhow, I’ve already found out how to fix the new sidebar issue and should have it done in a bit.

Also, since I’ve already got the hood up, if there are any features that anyone would find useful, leave a comment. One thing that is gone in this new layout is the ability to email posts. I have no idea whether or not this was used often, so should I implement it again?

Any comments on the new layout, which really ain’t too exciting but is nice and clean, are also welcome.

UPDATE III: I finally have fixed the sidebar issue, so everything should look more or less as it should in all browsers. Sorry for the lack of substantive updates today, but there is all kinds of awesome stuff over at neweurasia today.

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