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by Nathan Hamm on 8/11/2006 · 1 comment

It’s time for some Central Asian pop. I wanted to move on to something other than an Uzbek video this week, but since Uzbek pop has actually been a newsworthy topic lately, I’m sticking with it.

So, here’s “Baxt Uchun Million” from Sevinch. Be sure to read on past the video though for some more about Gulnora’s music video

Some of the UK press has noticed’s story on Gulnora Karimova’s pop career that I discussed earlier this week. The BBC has a brief article while The Guardian has a more detailed one (h/t to Nick). Both note a political dimension to Karimova’s entry into the pop scene.

Commentators say the video – showing repeatedly on Uzbekistan’s domestic equivalent of MTV – is part of a campaign to promote Ms Karimova as a potential successor to her father, whose term of office finishes at the end of next year.

I am skeptical of this. The BBC uses “analysts” instead of “commentators,” and it would be nice if names were named. I think that it is much more likely that Karimova’s pop career is like that of Paris Hilton’s. A rich girl thinks she has a special talent and puts out an album. Except, in this case, the rich girl’s father can enforce her popularity. Craig Murray is quoted by The Guardian saying something to this effect.

“This is exactly comparable to the emperor Nero playing his harp and everyone having to cheer. It’ll make her feel very good but she won’t gain any popularity.”

The BBC Uzbek service also covers the story and mentions our earlier post, translating some of the comments.

“Регистан. нет” интернет саҳифасида билдирилган фикрлар аксар хориждан. Саҳифада энг биринчи турган номада “Бу аёлга нима бўлган ўзи?” дея ўртага савол ташлайди.

Ундан кейинги фикрда эса, “Юқоридаги савол бу клип юзасидан менда туғилган кўплар саволларнинг атиги бири”, дейилган.

Дина исмли “Регистан. нет” мухлисининг ёзишича, ўзбек халқи қашшоқликда яшаётган бир вақтда клип соҳибаси маликалардек ўзини тутмоқда ва яшамоқда”.

Питер Эн эса “клипдаги манзара менга Ўзбекистондаги емакхонлар деворларидаги компьютерларда ясалган, сифати паст турли шаршара ва тропик ўрмонлар туширилган расмларни эслатди” деб ёзибди.

Ник исмли саҳифа мухлисига кўра, “эндиликда Гулнора Каримова ва Дариға Назарбоева ижодий дуэтининг ўзбек-қозоқ муносабатлари тўғрисида айтган қўшиқларини кутиш мумкиндир…”

Крис номи билан фикр қолдирган мухлис эса “Нима учун бу клипни зўр бериб тарғиб қилишяпти, тушунмадим? Менимча бу Каримов томонидан тутилган доно йўл эмас деб ўйлайман” деб ёзган.

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Ira November 2, 2006 at 3:57 pm

Molodes yashasin eflasang qandingni ur, meni ham adam presidentlikka saylansa men ham 1chi qiladigan ishim ashulla aytish boladi albatta.
Hamma qizlarni uzbekistondagi shunaqa chiroyli, zamonaviy, qorni toq usti butun korish nasib qilsin tez orada faqat 1yoki 2 tasini emas!!!!!

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