More Friday Night Videos

by Katy on 9/22/2006

From Uzbek Shoxrux’s little cousin Sarvar, the song ABV. Please beware of the bling flashing and Sharpie-marker created grill. (Wanted to embed it, but the new YouTube isn’t letting me do it very easily.)

Mongolians are making some great music. This video from Sper answers a number of questions: 1) What do Mongolian babies look like? 2) How quickly can one transition from Mongolian babies to rump shaking? 3) Are Young Pioneers hard core? 4) What is the best hockey team in Mongolia? Answers: 1) Adorable 2) 2 seconds 3) Very 4) The San Jose Sharks.

DJ Begga and Seydi from Turkmenistan do their best to represent for Ashgabat in this video where they drive around a lot.

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