New & Exciting Corruption Opportunity

by Nathan Hamm on 1/31/2007

Uzbekistan’s police have a new way to shake down drivers for cash.

Effective 01 January 2007 the GAI (Road Police) have stepped up the enforcement of new rules for registration and authorizations needed by vehicle drivers. At each Notary office is available a special form to be filled out by the vehicle owner and printed on special (difficult to forge) paper. This form lists all the authorized drivers of the vehicle. The owner may list more than one driver who is authorized to drive the vehicle. The cost of this new document is about UzS70,000 for non-close relative drivers. Close relatives can be listed as drivers for a discounted fee of approx UzS20,000

Few are apparently aware of the new rule, and the traffic police are taking advantage of the law’s poor promulgation by making frequent checks to make sure the new paperwork is all in order. All things considered, a bribe is probably a far more preferable penalty than the heavy fines or possible vehicle confiscation that are the punishments for which the law calls.

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