Rashid Behbudov

by Marc W on 4/15/2008

I’m listening to a CD of Rashid Behbduov right now. Who, you ask? Don’t feel bad, I had never heard of him either. My boss just walked into my office and offered the CD to me, describing it as “old-timey Azeri music.”

According to his entry on Wikipedia, Behbudov was born in Tblisi in 1915 and became a prominent pop singer in the post-war years. He was very popular not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Turkey and Iran (as well as India and South America, bizarrely).

The music is…interesting. Of course, I can’t understand a word he’s saying, but I guess it’s relatively similar to American crooners like Dean Martin, Sinatra, etc. Not exactly my cup up tea, but if the wiki entry is to be believed (it kind of reads like a translation from promotional materials, so I’m a little skeptical) he was quite the star back in the day.

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