USFOR-A PAO Issues Rapid Assessment, to Crickets, Maybe.

by Joshua Foust on 7/6/2009

The USFOR-A entity within Facebook just issued yesterday a corrective of the account of a suicide attack on a base in Orgun-E District of Paktika Province. It is professional, well-written, and it came out about 24 hours after the attack itself, which is blazingly fast for a PAO.

I’m glad they’re doing this—and I’ll be trying to see if that colors any news coverage of the attack this week. My only question about this is the same it has been for a while: the military is not really hurting for venues to get its message out. The messaging problem is inside Afghanistan, and inside the Muslim world, and that’s no PAO’s job. The grander issue of PSYOP and Strategic Communications (important to note they’re not the same) isn’t addressed by a quick thinking, rapid-fire PAO in Kabul.

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