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by Matthew Kuhl on 1/12/2010 · 2 comments

A few quick hits from chilly* middle Georgia (lows in the 20s! inconceivable!):

  • Well, it looks as if the Bagram prison will soon be the Afghans’ problem. I’m skeptical that this will result in any real changes.
  • Two articles opinions on drones: First, we have a column from Dawn questioning the effects that drone strikes purportedly have in the tribal areas. I’m not really sure one way or another. The fact is that it’s hard to get an accurate count on casualties caused by drones, given that so many of the targets are relatively inaccessible to independent monitors (i.e. not the U.S. and not the militants). On the other hand, I’m leery about pushing this sort of thing too hard because it may simply reflect my particular biases. What say you, oh wise readers?
  • Second, we have Abu M clarifying his position on drones, which he feels was misrepresented in the Wall Street Journal: “I’m not saying drone strikes cannot be part of the solution (as Dave and I have said time and time again), but I am saying that right now, they’re a part of the problem. If I thought drone strikes were incorporated into a coherent strategy rather than a convenient tactic substituting for a strategy, two thirds of my objections would go away.”
  • Finally, and completely, absolutely, totally off-topic: If you like reading newspapers, but you do a lot of online reading, try Readefine. It has a web and a desktop version, and it looks absolutely lovely. It’s better for reading massive amounts of text than for anything with pictures, but it can still do that.

We’ve just started the first week of the spring semester here. I can feel my free time slipping out of my hands, one class after another.

*I will not listen to anyone who says that 20 degrees isn’t that cold. I have heard that many times already from my relatives in the Midwest. As someone born and raised in Georgia, this is cold. Bonechillingly cold.

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John January 15, 2010 at 11:18 am

Yesterday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a freedom of information act request for all informaton on the use of drones by the US government. I posted it on my blog, and you can get a full copy of the request there. This should lead to an end of the use of Drones once all this information comes out.

Predator Hellfire Missile attacks: ACLU files Freedom of Information Act Request for full US Government disclosures, read it here; March 20 March on Washington, End the War(s) join up here

Keep up the great work over there. Best to all of you, John

Toryalay Shirzay January 18, 2010 at 12:04 am

Why would the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) get involved in military operations abroad against international terrorism??Something doesn’t jibe here as ACLU has lots of lssues at home to deal with,domestic issues of which there are so many.Looking at the history of the US during the past 4 decades,it will be clear to astute observers that should the ACLU ,John above, and other such followers go the path of undermining the fight against terrorism,they will face the fate of Jimmy Carter,that is ,be defeated in the next election.Appeasing evil as Carter did with the iranian islamic fascists, he not only lost the elections,but we now have a much more brazen and powerful enemy which is killing anyone who is for liberty.I ask the ACLU and their followers: are these the kind of consequences you wish to happen??!!

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