Killing in Karachi

by UmairJ on 10/21/2010 · 4 comments

Pakistan is in dire need of assistance.

Not to protect its nuclear arsenal, the Army has that under control no matter what Newsweek may have you believe. The government needs some reorganization and someone to literally slap them in the face (I hope the Judiciary does this) and remind them that there is literally no civil order in the largest city in the country. Just yesterday 72 people died in four days in relation to targeted killing in Karachi and the incompetent Rangers and Police force were unable to do anything even with a checkpoint stationed in the area.

At the Shershah scrap (Kabari) market, six armed motorcyclists opened fire in which 12 people were killed and 14 others were severely injured. What is shocking to hear is that these men were able to easily escape from the scene of the crime. Such scenes in which innocent civilians are indiscriminately killed by armed men riding on motorcycles reminds one of motion pictures such as the Untouchables, which depicted an era in which gangsters literally ruled the city without interference from the police or any other authority. Though Prohibition era United States had the Federal Bureau, Pakistan really does not have any competent authority other than the army that could really calm the situation.

With the government reacting to such killings 10 months too late, what can anyone really expect? Targeted killings have actually killed more people in Karachi than suicide bombings this year. In 335 incidents of suicide bombings 1,208 people have lost their lives. In comparison, 1,233 have been killed in relation to targeted killings. This has happened despite the Interior Minister, Rehman Malik on many occasions declaring that the police force and government have matters under control. The police must do more to take control of the situation, even with pillion riding being banned in Karachi; these criminals were able to go unstopped by the Police and open fire in the market.

What makes the situation worse is that the rivalry between the MQM and ANP only worsens the situation and does not allow the government to fully focus on the Lyari gangsters who have been thought to be the ones responsible for these targeted killings. Those targeted yesterday were also Mujahir  (supporters of MQM for lack of a better word), and it is almost certain that there will be a huge backlash for such actions. It does not get any easier for the government since they are dependent on MQM support within the Parliament and hence instituting bans against weapons within the city will go a long way to agitate both the ANP and MQM who both through militias, control the city.

Though Zardari has asked Rehman Malik for a comprehensive report on the situation in Karachi, his own attention is turned towards the Supreme Court verdict concerning the 18th Amendment that is to be announced on Thursday, hence, one should not expect any change to take place quickly. Senior Superintendent of Police  (SSP) states that the Lyari gangsters have been cornered and an operation will soon be launched against them, “You will soon see some action.” I am just worried it will not be the rightful authority that will be taken the necessary action…

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Grant October 21, 2010 at 10:54 pm

Are these groups primarily politically motivated or economically (i.e criminals)?

UmairJ October 22, 2010 at 5:06 am

Both. These ‘lyari’ gangsters named after the area in which they control the narcotics business. It is also a People’s party stronghold (ruling govt) so when urdu-speaking residents are killed in the area it adds insult to injury. But the govt also wants them stopped specifically because of their reckless killing of urdu-speaking residents, which the MQM can use to create ethnic tension and a political adv.

anan October 22, 2010 at 1:50 pm

UmairJ, what happens when the thousands of TTP, TNSM, LeT, Iyas Kashmiri [Lashkar al Zil, Brigades 313 and 095] folks now fighting in Afghanistan return to Pakistan? Many of them are probably educated sophisticated types who might be attracted by cosmopolitan Karachi.

What do you think the international community should do to help Pakistan? What do you think India should do to help Pakistan?

UmairJ October 22, 2010 at 5:31 pm

funny you should say that, im writing an article on that as we speak 🙂

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