A Fun Change

by Joshua Foust on 1/11/2011 · 3 comments

This week, I made an important change in my life: I quit the world of defense contracting. It wasn’t too hard of a decision—as I’m sure you’ve noticed from my writing here, I’ve become incredibly frustrated with the U.S. military’s inability to get things right—but still: that’s something I’ve done for a substantial portion of my adult life, and it’s not something to walk away from lightly.

As of now, I am the newest research fellow at The American Security Project. I’m going to continue my research on Afghanistan, and expand some of my other interests, particularly into post-conflict reconstruction in a new field called Expeditionary Economics (for an overview of what that entails, and why it matters so much, see this article from Foreign Affairs discussing it).

What does that mean for Registan.net? Nothing. The blog has not been purchased, and I’ll continue to make people angry by yelling at them here. All it means is, most of the public writing I’ve done, which I had to do in my spare time after work, I can now do normally. And I’ll be able to publish more white papers like this analysis of Central Asian national interests in Afghanistan, which I wrote over the summer for The Century Foundation.

Anyway, I am stoked to get going, and to finally be able to talk, freely, about the work I do. It’s very exciting!

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Joshua Foust is a Fellow at the American Security Project and the author of Afghanistan Journal: Selections from Registan.net. His research focuses primarily on Central and South Asia. Joshua is a correspondent for The Atlantic and a columnist for PBS Need to Know. Joshua appears regularly on the BBC World News, Aljazeera, and international public radio. Joshua's writing has appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review, Foreign Policy’s AfPak Channel, the New York Times, Reuters, and the Christian Science Monitor. Follow him on twitter: @joshuafoust

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amj January 11, 2011 at 3:50 pm

I trust you notified Glenn Greenwald immediately.

Jangak January 11, 2011 at 3:53 pm

Congratulations! Free at last!

It has certainly been a pleasure reading your work. I wish you only the best.

Vikash January 11, 2011 at 4:56 pm


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