JSOC’s Tawdriest Fantasies Come True

by Joshua Foust on 1/31/2011 · 4 comments

Hey look, someone found some Chechens!

Kunduz, Afghanistan – Police in the northern Afghanistan province of Kunduz are searching for up to 15 Chechen women, who have been assisting Taliban insurgents in the region, officials said Monday, confirming for the first time the presence of foreign female militants.

Information regarding the presence of foreign female militants emerged last week after Afghan forces recaptured Dashti Archi district, the Taliban’s last redoubt in the province, provincial police chief Abdul Rahman Sayedkhili said.

‘Some of these women are working as nurses to treat injured Taliban fighters, while others are experts in making roadside bombs and suicide vests,’ he said.

I share Abdul Rahman Sayedkhili’s desire to find these female Chechen Taliban nurse bombmakers. I begin holding my breath… now.

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anan January 31, 2011 at 4:47 pm

If ANA find fair skinned semi western looking people . . . viola Chechen. If they are yellow . . . viola Uighur. If they are semi “Arabic looking” viola Al Qaeda. And if they are too lazy to investigate who the Taliban are, then they must be Pakistanis. Since no real Afghan would fight the patriotic heroes of Afghanistan . . . the ANA.

OK, slightly tongue in cheek. But seriously Josh, you know most ANA don’t have much book learning . . . and tend to use gut and instinct more than westernized data driven analysis. Maybe the ANA and ANP have “secret” techniques to figure out who is and isn’t a Chechen. They can’t tell you what those “secret” techniques are because . . . duh . . . then they wouldn’t be “secret” anymore. But you should trust the ANA anyway . . . since they are good muslims with good character.

And before we make fun of ANA for thinking like this, don’t we Americans often subconciously assume that others accept our good intentions and competence at face value? Not just us Americans and Afghans, but to some degree don’t many/most countries think this way?

Christian January 31, 2011 at 6:37 pm

@anan This goes beyond Afghan security forces. Some western forces also seem to think there are hordes of Chechens out there.

And LWJ deserves a mention for pointing out every guy with brown hair as a Chechen…. As if no Afghan, Pakistani, Arab, Turk or Euro convert has the same hair color.

Barkhan February 1, 2011 at 9:30 am

Not disputing the existence of ethnic Chechens in Afghanistan or Pakistan, I think it plausible for them to be there for training and perhaps even, rarely, as fighters in the “cause”. However, I think another explanation can be that these (not the women reported) Chechens could actually be more accurately described as veterans of the North Caucasus conflicts. In Russian, the adjectives for ethnicChechen and for veteran of Chechen War, are so similar as to be almost indistinguishable. These fighters may identify themselves as Chechen vets as a reference to gain respect or acceptance… Thus more “Chechens”.

Interior Design in Hyderabad February 9, 2011 at 2:19 am

I agree with you Barkhan Barkhan These fighters may identify themselves as Chechen vets as a reference to gain respect or acceptance… Thus more “Chechens”.

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