Back from Pakistan

by UmairJ on 4/5/2011


I am back from Pakistan and it was a hell of a trip. Though I was only there for three weeks, I saw so much that it is going to be quite difficult putting it into words. I was unable to go to Swat during this trip unfortunately because I did not have enough time. I will be going back to Swat in May Insh’Allah. I did happen to speak to quite a few former residents of Swat who moved out right before or doing the conflict with the Pakistani Army and their opinions on the current state of Swat were quite interesting and I’ll certainly be sharing that with you guys…

Hopefully I will be able to put my thoughts, many of them, into words quickly. In the meantime watch this video, a photo essay titled “10 days after 10 years”.  I do not agree with everything he discusses but it is still very informative.




10 days in 10 years

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