Where the hell does Bruce Riedel get his information from?

by UmairJ on 8/3/2011 · 1 comment


Bruceee is at it again, but this time he is discussing the Bahrain-Pakistan link that was quite obvious from the get go. It is not this obvious point, about the recruitment of Pakistani soldiers by the Bahrain government that is revealing, but it is his information concerning Baluchistan and their hungry anti-shia identity, ready to suppress them wherever they are because of their fanatic tendencies that is quite alarming.

I am not sure what is with National Interest but it seems to becoming a trend that they have no idea how to report on Baluchistan. Most of their information is usually wrong as you can see from a  previous criticism that i posted here. Riedel in my opinion probably does not know the difference between Pakhtoon’s and Balochi and that there are Pakhtoon’s who live in Baluchistan, and hence to just state the term ‘Baluchi soldiers’ is not only very vague but does not really make sense. Who are these Baluchis, are they Pakhtoons who reside in Baluchistan or Baluchis?

Riedel is known for his expertise on the Middle East and not on Pakistan or South Asia, he should stick to it.

Here is Riedel’s article. Be aware your head may blow off.

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Feisal Khan August 11, 2011 at 12:23 pm

I agree that simply saying ‘Baluchi soldiers’ is less than enlightening but, in all fairness to him, the Omanis have traditionally recruited ethnic Baloch into their army for a very long time (mainly Habshis?; remember, Mekran, Gwadar, etc, used to belong to Oman until 1955-58). Perhaps the Bahrainis are now following suit as well but recruiting Pakhtuns?

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