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by observer on 3/1/2013


Russian Federal Ministry of Migration has announced news about launch of special patrol group. The patrol willregulate order in Moscow streets and organize activities for explaining Russian laws to migrant workers who came from Former Soviet Union countries.  At present the number of patrol members reach  hundred men, and Ministry of Migration is planning to involve more volunteers who care about order in Russian capital. Probably such practice is being introduced due to increasing number of criminal acts done by migrant workers and the tendency is becoming concern of Russian society. For reading more about this issue visit the following link

In the meantime Russian parliament is considering ratification of laws which may alter visa procedures with Central Asian states. As Dmitriy Vyatkin, one of parliamentarians  explained, majority of migrants pass border controls with identification documents issued for internal use in their countries. This in turn is complicating control of migration process. As the state official stated, migrants should use their passports issued for international use. At present the  law is under consideration of state and it will not touch citizens of Kazakhstan and Belarus, customs union in FSU.  For reading more about this issue visit the following link


Similar to above given article, also has published news about Tajik migrant workers who go to Russia for making their livings. As the article noted, year by year death rate among Tajik citizens  steadily has been rising. Rustam Tursunov, deputy mayor of western town Tursunzoda city of Tajikistan has given an interview about this issue where he mentioned two such cases that were related to his family. Further, the article discussed scarce job opportunities in Tajik labor and referred to recent HRW report human rights abuse and harsh conditions under which have been living migrants in Sochi, a city which is expected to host 2014 Winter Olympics. For reading more about this issue visit  the following link

In coming years Kazakhstan is planning to introduce drones in her army. As journalist writes, military experts of Kazakh army already have tested drones produced by French and Israeli companies. Due to harsh climatic conditions, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, aka drones) of these companies could not function properly. As a result, Kazakh specialists went further and now experimenting with Russian “Irkuts 10” and “Irkuts 3” drones. As these name suggest, these drones are produced in Irkuts city of Russia with consideration of indigenous climate which is proximate to Kazakhtan’s weather. For reading more about this issue visit  the following link

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