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Questions Remain on Zhanaozen

by Nathan Hamm

This is a guest post from Nate Schenkkan, Senior Program Associate for Eurasia at Freedom House. This post represents his views and not the views of Freedom House. Minister Idrissov has raised a lot of issues here that are worth addressing. I will focus on the most important paragraph. “A special public commission carried out […]

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The Lessons of Zhanaozen

by Erlan Idrissov

OPINION PIECE FROM ERLAN IDRISSOV, FOREIGN MINISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN It is now exactly a year since the violence in Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan cast a dark shadow over the national celebrations to mark our 20th anniversary as an independent country. A long-running industrial dispute between oil workers and their company erupted into […]

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A Wealth of Blame for Zhanaozen

by Casey_Michel

Last October, Zhanar Saktaganova was strolling a sidewalk in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan. It was dark, late. Zhanar, only 29, had just come from sitting with the nearby oil workers, the ones striking for the previous five months, and, after a stopover in a nearby shop, was leaving with her friend. As two walked out of the magazin, Zhanar […]

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Guest Post: Why Zhanaozen Matters

by Joshua Foust

This is a guest post by Nate Schenkkan, a freelance journalist based in Bishkek. Find him on Twitter @nateschenkkan. This post started with a conversation with Josh over how to interpret what happened over the past weekend in Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, when striking workers rioted, and then were shot, in numbers that are still being debated […]

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Trying to Make Sense of Zhanaozen

by Joshua Foust
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It’s difficult to know what to say about the continuing unrest in Western Kazakhstan. The region has been beset with unrest for the last several months over a labor dispute with oil workers; hundreds have been arrested so far and at least one Sting concert canceled. Over the weekend, an independence day celebration turned into […]

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Checking in on Eurasian Union Struggles

by Casey_Michel

In late October, while meeting with other heads involved in the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Minsk, Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev turned to the topic of the forthcoming Eurasian Union. There had been hints and drops of Kazakhstani discontent with the EAU’s formulation – talk of business concerns, rumblings of ethno-based discontent. Nazarbayev decided to focus […]

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New Report Slams Kazakhstan’s Autocratic Slide, But Does Anyone Still Care?

by Casey_Michel

c While many around Central Asia this week were downing toasts to China’s recent economic injections, the International Crisis Group released a report that, for those watching the region, is something of a long-time coming. The document describes the marked political backslide surrounding Astana following the country’s 2010 OSCE chairmanship. Since convincing – since blinkering […]

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How do Post-2014 Spillover Fears and Russian Foreign Policy Goals Align?

by Reid Standish
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“Thousands of terrorists and fundamentalists will seek refuge in Afghanistan as well as the region around the country,” said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on a visit to India back in October 2012. “It [Afghanistan] may change the situation drastically around the region and for countries like Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia.” In response […]

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A lazy, ridiculous slur

by Joshua Foust

Washington Free Beacon writer Adam Kredo thinks I’m somehow connected to Chuck Hagel and Chevron and Kazakhstan and… oh well, just read it. When Kazakhstan’s riot police slaughtered dozens of striking oil field workers last year, Atlantic Council affiliate Joshua Foust rushed to discredit the reports. Foust, a member of the Atlantic Council’s Young Atlanticist […]

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Central Asia Monitor 1.24

by Central Asia Monitor

Uzbek Citizen Commits Suicide in Moscow Jail After SNB Threats The Russian human rights organization Memorial reported that Abdusamat Fazletdinov, a 19 year old Uzbek citizen, committed suicide in a Moscow jail after Uzbek SNB agents threatened him. Fazletdinov had been working in Kaliningrad and was arrested with four other citizens of Uzbekistan in Moscow […]

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