Chorsu Bazaar -- Fabio Achili

Culture matters. No matter the type of project, working in foreign environments is enhanced by cultural awareness. Cultural knowledge enhances strategic and operational planning by reducing risks of friction with important beliefs and values. Complemented by cross-cultural skills, it also smooths interactions with host communities, civic leaders, and government officials.

Cultures are not static collections of beliefs, values, and practices to which groups of people universally subscribe. Rather, they are living, evolving systems in which participants are always, and sometimes quickly, pushing and pulling the boundaries of social norms. Often, the real difficulty for organizations is not in obtaining cultural knowledge, but instead in getting cultural knowledge and cross-cultural skills that actually improve decision making.

Registan’s analysts have extensive experience navigating diverse cultural environments and turning information about culture into operationally useful knowledge and training for government, development, and business clients. We will work with your organization to identify what cultural knowledge and cross-cultural training you actually need in order to equip you for success in Central Asia and beyond.


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