Human Geography


Neighborhood-Level Political Behavioral Data

Succeeding in a new environment requires knowledge of the landscape. Our analysts have decades of experience charting uncertain terrain to give clients the knowledge they need to use resources efficiently.

At Registan, we strongly believe that knowledge of social environments is critical to organizations operating overseas. These needs, however, are rarely served with broad, background overviews of cultural beliefs and practices or lists of demographic indicators. In order to wisely commit resources, organizations need behavioral, attitudinal, and demographic information on the populations in the environments in which they operate. What is more, this information is often needed at much finer scales than is found in widely-accessible datasets.

Registan fuses approaches from social sciences such as anthropology, sociology, and human geography with the use of GIS tools enabling powerful geospatial analysis to gain unique insights into human groups that would otherwise be unavailable. Our analysts have worked at the forefront of this emerging field and have developed innovative approaches to answer complex questions in information-poor environments, greatly enhancing clients’ operations and enabling them to more quickly and efficiently achieve their goals.

Whether your organization needs to know more about the business environment in a city, the distribution of social services across a province, or the national demographic picture, contact us to discuss how we can create a tailored, location-aware solution to your information needs.

Point Mapping - Populated Places in Southern Kyrgyzstan

For an example of the types of insights gained through our use of human geography analysis, see this paper on the political effects of ethnic exclusion in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.

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