Social Trends, Risks & Opportunities


The burned remains of a restaurant destroyed in the middle of Osh central bazaar during ethnic violence in 2010.

Politics moves markets. Changes in the political environment can have dramatic effects on investors and development organizations. And while there are thousands of analysts keeping a close eye on politics throughout the world, few have their fingers on the pulse of social trends that move politics.

Registan analysts specialize in researching and analyzing social groups and social trends. Among us, we have decades of experience in academia, government, development, and business researching social groups to gain insights that improve decision making. By identifying the ties that bind populations, the cleavages that divide them, influential social leaders, how political organizations grow and splinter, the spread of new religious movements, and how the internet is used, we are able to make more accurate predictions about political and economic developments much sooner than politics or economics centered analysts.

To put it another way, we locate the intersection between people, politics, markets to provide your organization the knowledge it needs to make decisions. Contact us today to see how we can put our insight to work helping your organization plan for and take advantage of deep knowledge of social groups and emerging social trends.


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